Hairdressing services

Hairdressing services

Hair Styling from 550 to 1600 uah
Haircut & Hair Styling from 800 to 1800 uah
Hairstyle from 1000 to 1650 uah
Hair Coloring from 1700 to 9600 uah
Hair Care from 250 to 1800 uah
Keratin Hair Straightening from 3350 to 6650 uah
Biowaving ORISING from 4200 uah
Hair Extention from 2500 to 5000 uah
from 5800 to 7100 uah
from 2700 to 3200 uah
Prices for services

Our Strong Sides For You

  • The uniqueness of the technology of haircuts, styling and staining

    We create wearable forms of haircuts for up to 3 months, hair styling to 3 days and individual selection of the hair coloring formulas

  • Expertise

    We explore the novelties, research the market, analyze the quality of products, study and offer you the best of the best

  • Service

    We provide a high level of service and competency of our masters

  • Guarantees

    We take responsibility for the result and guarantee the quality of services

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Complex service

Along with hair styling, you can get nail service or makeup and save time

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