Highly efficient Oxy jet device

Highly efficient Oxy jet device

Novelty in the salon - Apparatus Oxygen A novelty in cosmetology is a highly efficient Oxyjet device

The device Oxyjet is designed specifically to combat age-related changes in the skin, atony, acne, pigmentation. Effective. Safely.
How is the process of skin regeneration?

Thanks to the latest medical experiments, today we have a unique technology for "needleless injections". That is, the introduction of substances into the epidermis is not invasive. Under high pressure in pulsed mode, the master introduces low molecular weight cosmetics NORA BODE with oxygen into the skin of the client.

The Oxyjet is multifunctional.

We suggest you use the following procedures, which are the result of the latest research in medicine and cosmetology:

Cleansing Oxyjet (1750 UAH),

The absolute effect of Oxyjet (1500 UAH),

Each of the procedures lasts 1.5 hours and requires a course.

For more detailed information, call:

MAIJA PLUS 132, Velyka Vasylkivska str.

+38 (097) 354-84-77


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